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Proposal Tech
I wanted to thank you for the outstanding implementation and ongoing support that BWE provides Proposal Technologies, Inc. Your attention to detail and responsiveness to our needs has enabled ProposalTech.com to become one of the most advanced RFP automation companies on the web.

Jeff Spencer

Poduct Catalogs
A product catalog provides a visitor with an interface to view your products for purchase. BWE creates custom product catalogs to meet your exact specifications. The catalog should be easy to browse and it should be easy for a visitor to find specific products quickly.

Adding a Shopping Cart
We can add a 'shopping cart' to your product catalog if you want to allow visitors the ability to select products for purchase as they browse your product catalog.

Request for Quote Instead of eCommerce?
Many products and services do not lend themselves to eCommerce applications. These are either high cost items or items that require a high level of customization. In these cases we recommend our Request for Quote functionality. The Request for Quote functionality has a similar process flow as eCommerce with the exception that no Credit Card information is collected on check out. Instead of receiving an order with credit card payment information, you receive an order request (request for quote). It is then up to you to follow up with the visitor to finalize and fulfill the order.

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